[Partnership department]
Publishing manager
Full time • Entry level works
MondayOFF, Hypercasual Lead in East Asia
MondayOFF is East Asia’s leading studio and publisher in the field of the mobile game genre Hyper Casual. With tons of experience developing in-house games and publishing games with our partners from around the world, we strive to become one of the top global mobile game publishers. Since our foundation in 2018, we’ve grown to become a team of over 25 developers, designers and publishing managers. We are looking for new talent to bring out the most creative games in the market that are fun and keep players engaged for a long time.
What are hypercasual games?
Hypercasual games are enjoyed by players worldwide, no matter their language, cultural background, age or gender. Simple rules and design that can be understood within 3 seconds make hypercasual games different from other mobile games on the market.
Korea’s leading mobile game genres tend to be RPG and defense, differing strongly from the international market. Over 70% of the US iOS Game Top 50 are hypercasual games and numbers are rising steadily.
Studios developing hypercasual games have to go beyond simple R&D. “What effect will bring the most satisfaction to the player at this instance?” “Is the UX too complicated for the players?” “Why do players quit playing at certain stages of the game?” are questions we constantly have to answer in order to reach a wide audience.
At MondayOFF, we are looking for creative people that will try to find the answers and grow with us.
• Build and lead close relationships with developers/studio partners worldwide
• Manage the end-to-end production cycle of games with studio partners, including the development of game concepts, leading partners through the marketing test process and further iterations of their game prototype up to the game launch and beyond
• Discover industry talent and help them grow their business
• Contribute to our social media presence and promotion of our brand
• Conduct market research and keep up with / identify new trends to contribute to game ideation phases
• Visa holders: E-7, F-2, F-4, F-5, F-6, D-10, D-2 (possible to sponsor by company)
• Full - Time worker
• Must Reside in Korea
• Advanced English Proficiency
• Excellent international and intercultural communication skills
• Customer focused and results oriented
• Proactive, curious and innovative approach to problem solving with a constant improvement mindset
• Ability to learn about and quickly adapt to the ever changing hypercasual industry
• Basic Korean communication skills
• Basic communication skills in Turkish or Russian
• Experience working with colleagues of various nationalities
Basic Requirement
• Must be able to travel abroad
Required Documents * All documents should be uploaded as a PDF file.
• Resume (including Photo and Visa-type)
• Cover Letter
Application Process
• Submit Application > Interview and Analytical Task > Internship (fully paid trainee period of 3-6 months)* > Full-Time Position
* Duration may be subject to change
Working Conditions
• Internship of 3-6 months, willingness/availability to continue working for more than 3-6 months if given a full-time offer after the intern period
• Work Hours : 09:00 - 17:00, Mon-Fri (Work Hours Flexible)
• Location : Seoul, Gangnam-gu. 3 minute walk from Seonjeongneung Station (Line 9/Suin-Bundang Line)
Additional Information
• False information on job applications may lead to the withdrawal of the job offer even after successful admission